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Printequip have become well known in the industry for our ability to provide the right type of anti marking product best suited for the specific application.



PRIThere are two types of solution on offer to stop the marking of freshly printed ink as the sheet moves through the press. Net Systems and beaded surfaces are available in a range of custom sized products for your specific press type.

Blue Glass anti-marking filmsBlue Glass film is available as a naked sheet of film which is attached to the transfer cylinder by specially formulated double sided tape or in a Jacket style for Heidelberg Presses.


Super BLue 2Super Blue 2 is an advancement on the original Super Blue System which has become obsolete in most markets. Super Blue 2 has an important anti static feature, static causes friction, friction causes marking, if we eliminate the static there is less chance of marking. The “system” consists of a cylinder base cover which is a carbon black material, the Super Blue 2 Stripe Net, is pre-stretched and cut to size for your press type. The conductive guide lines in the net working together with the carbon base cover eliminate any static charge giving you a mark less sheet.

 Super Blue 2 LTSuper Blue 3 is the next generation of net systems that last forever, so we’re not really interested in selling this product. If you are reading this and would like more info, we’ll definitely take care of you though!


Super Blue 2 LT is a disposable system, the advantage is that it is really quick and easy to install. The system is good for 3-5 million impressions before it needs replacing.