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Innovation improves efficiency, a more stable printing surface is required, Finito provides a solution.

Finito by PrintgraphFinito by Printgraph


Finito is a blanket packing. It is a single sheet of material which is supplied in the correct thickness for the different press types.

By replacing multiple sheets of calibrated paper under the blanket with a single sheet of Finito, the result is a very stable printing surface. Problems with packing “creep” are no longer an issue especially on wide format presses such as the Roland 900.

A stable printing surface translates to improved quality, color density and dot geometry are immediately improved by switching from multiple sheets of paper under the blanket to a single sheet of FINITO.

Finito by PrintgraphTime and waste are also considerations when using paper sheets, especially when supplied on a reel. Finito eliminates the need for the continuous replacement of paper packing sheets, thereby drastically reducing the down time associated with changing packing.

Finito is accurate and there is no chance of making a mistake in packing the blanket. With paper, mistakes are often made by the machine minder and this is then duplicated by the next shift resulting in incorrectly packed blankets and poor economy and print quality. The gauge thickness of calibrated paper sheets is also not reliable. As a supplier of these calibrated paper sheets we know this because of our experience with three different manufacturers of calibrated paper packing!

We stock Finito in the right size and gauge thickness for the popular press types.

  • Heidelberg SM74
  • Heidelberg SM102
  • KBA 105
  • Roland 500
  • Roland 700
  • Roland 900
  • Komori Lithrone 28
  • Komori Lithrone 40
  • Komori Spika 29

Other press types available on request.