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Counterfeit products are major concern for brand owners.



JDSU provide solutions which protect the brand owner and the consumer from the counterfeit industry by employing both overt and covert and digital track and trace features within the packaging of the product.

Features include, holography, colour shifting inks, nano imagery, micro charms and digital Yotamark technology. The JDSU have a holistic approach to combating the counterfeiting industry which includes, packaging, labels, track and trace, digital authentication, forensics and prosecution.

Three tiered approach to brand security:

  • Authentication: recognizable by consumer
  • Interdiction: covert features, charms, UV and IR features
  • Traceability: Authentitrack Digital Serialization

Overt Security Features

OvertJDSU is a global leader in overt security technology. We have decades of experience and supply to governments and leading companies. We combine both printed and holographic effects.

Overt features are designed to be easily recognizable to the public and difficult for counterfeiters to simulate. They are generally authenticated visually, without the aid of a special device or a high level of training, which makes them ideal for on-site validation by airport security, merchants, and consumers concerned about safety.

Covert Security Features

CovertWe leverage the world's best covert security solutions, including both internally and externally developed technology.

JDSU provides a unique suite of covert authentication offerings, including Charms™ microstructured taggants, UV/IR taggants, and optically originated microtext, nanotext, and HoloScan™ technologies.

Digital Security

Digital SecurityWe collaborate with customers to create specific solution's tailored to their needs. Digital security provides added defense against counterfeiting,  tampering, and diversion to complement our overt and covert technologies. JDSU leverages mobile and web-based authentication, including track-and-trace and online monitoring.


JDSU Brand Authentication Solutions