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Digital Control of roller and cylinder nip pressures assures optimal pressure settings for a more efficient and environmentally friendly press room.

Nip ControlNip Control


Traditional methods of setting roller nip pressures are quiet simply now out-dated. The "ink stripe" method is flawed to begin with because of the properties of a rubber roller. As rubber ages, it hardens, so more pressure is required to set an older roller according to the ink stripe method than a new roller would. So there is no reliable constant with the old methods.

Digital setting of roller and cylinder pressures are the modern way of achieving optimum efficiency.

One would not measure the height of the tyre rim from the ground to calculate the tyre pressure, so it doesn not make sense to estimate the blanket height to calculate the pressure in the cylinder nip.

Digital Nip Control from Nip Control in Sweden is the answer to an assured quality and economy, in independent tests conducted by Botcher Rollers, a press was monitored when set with the traditional method and then after being set with Nip Control.

  • 50% reduction in roller nip pressure
  • 27% saving in ink
  • 59% saving electricity consumption

Press Efficiency begins with the selection of consumables and ends with optimal control of pressures in the press.

View or download the PDF document below to find explanatory presentations about the benefits of optimising roller and cylinder nip pressures. Also find out about the experiment conducted by Botcher Rollers in reducing roller nip pressures and the results listed above, savings in ink water and energy with improved quality!