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With FloClear You Can Actually See the Increase in Your Profitability!

  • Higher Productivity Leads to Improved Job Delivery

  • Improved Color Consistency Results in Fewer Reprints

  • Reduced Contamination Minimizes Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Reduction in Paper, Ink and Chemical Usage Lowers Production Costs

Rave Reviews from FloClear Users

FloClear comparison test

"Water is just not an issue anymore. We no longer chase color or have to change fountain solution when we switch between hybrid and conventional inks..."

Shawn Welch - American Printing, Madison, WI

"The fountain solution is much cleaner and clear and I haven’t had to shut down to clean the pans... I am amazed that we haven't had any problems running UV..."

Dean Alger - Visual Systems Inc., Milwaukee, WI

"By far the best return on investment we have ever had on a pressroom accessory..."

Dan Murphy - Lake County Press, Waukegan, IL

"The consistency is unreal, 20 washes a day, 23 PMS colors in one job, including metallics... When can we get a second one..."

Frank Molina - Global Group, Fort Worth, TX

FloClear fountain solution