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The value of the printing blanket is often understated. The final step in the efficient transfer of the dot to the substrate depends on the printing blanket. Optimal stability of the printing surface is key to achieving Press Efficiency.

SAVASava Blankets


The Sava range of printing blankets offer unrivaled quality and economy for the modern print environment. Core to the success of the Sava range is the blanket carcass. Sava utilize synthetic radial cord technology in the construction of the blanket, which increases the overall rubber content but more importantly prevents stretch and blanket "sinking".

SAVA blanket cross-sectionPrintequip have a fully equipped cutting and barring facility in JHB, the blanket bars are imported from Germany and the adhesives used in the barring process are the latest generation two part adhesives to ensure that bar adhesion meets requirements.

SAVA Catalogue Range [PDF brochures]


“We've have used only Sava Advantage Plus blankets for more than five years now, in all that time we have not had to discount a job because of a low spot in the screen, the Sava blanket is either F!**$d or its fine, nothing in between.”
Lain Schutte, production manager at Typo Colour Printing JHB