Eliminating the variable factors in the offset printing process will dramatically boost profitability if you take control of them.

The modern offset press continues to evolve from one Drupa to the next, delivering improved levels of control and production efficiency, but unless the variable factors like the contamination of the fountain solution and the pressures working in the rollers and blanket cylinders are controlled and optimised, that sound of your press humming in the background may as well be the death march, for all the money its costing the company.

To operate successfully in an industry in it’s winter cycle is different to how one might have done things when offset printing was in it’s spring cycle.

“In the winter of an industry, the wave moves from location-based businesses to transaction-based businesses. This is when everyone is in the market. They know the products, have their communities, they have their meeting places, and everyone is looking for efficiencies and lower prices. This is when the wave moves to transaction-based businesses that have created systems to increase efficiencies, increase speed, and reduce costs” – Roger Hamilton – Millionaire Master Plan & Wealth Dynamics, fame.

So riding the wave running through the offset printing industry in 2015 requires that available technology is used to give your company that vital advantage.

Two Steps to slashing away down time, optimising ink, fount and energy consumption and increasing the number of sheets which can be sold.

Variable #1 – Dampening system – responsible for hundreds of thousands of wasted production due to contamination of the press water with paper fiber, spray powder, ink, blanket wash and metering roller cleaner

Variable#2 – Roller Nip Pressures are costly when not digitally set. Consumable costs increase and so does the energy cost. Rubber hardness is variable and thus digital control is the only effective measure.

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