I learnt very early in my career that turnover is vanity and profits are what count, I’m sure most managers in print would agree with that fact, the same rule is not true for some big tech brands that continually lose money year after year yet valued in the 100’s million, but for us mere mortals, down time and wastage need to be tightly controlled.

In my opinion based on almost 30 years in this industry is that Press Efficiency is not achieved by finding the lowest priced consumables available on the market. This is long downward spiral.

I became aware of the concept of QUALITY reading about ZEN and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, its difficult to define QUALITY, artisans understand it better than accountants who have a hard time in finding value in higher priced printing blankets for instance, they have no trouble when it comes to picking a fine wine or whiskey, this is because accountants don’t run printing presses and so there is a disconnect between price and cost because of the time lapse in understanding what the costs of manufacturing are.

I was blessed with having to sell the highest priced printing blanket in SA, we didn’t know it would work, the logic about the construction of the blanket made sense to me and after visiting the factory in Slovenia and some customers using the product in the UK I was convinced and that was all the belief I needed. Sava Advantage Plus blankets were and still are a winner and so our philosophy was established, find the best and the rest will follow.

Underblankets have made a big comeback, we introduced Finito “S” into our market more than a decade ago, the product works so well we have customers that didn’t change blanket packing for more than 2 years. Comparing price between calibrated paper sheets and Finito scares off many but for those adventurous types, it’s paid off, many times over.

Today we are more concerned about the environment than ever before and so we are proud to introduce Finito Circle from Printgraph in Italy.

Finito® Circle
Finito® Circle compares itself with the classic calibrated paper, but in its composition contains several technological innovations in line with the current needs of the increasingly advanced and fast printing machines, and environmental (Cradle to Cradle)

Finito® Circle is composed of two layers:
The first layer is made by recovering the waste TPU raw material used in our production cycles.
The second layer with paper produced from the recovery of waste from the fruit production processes, making it raw material.
Technically, the Finito® Circle guarantees stability, mechanical and chemical resistance and elasticity necessary to attenuate vibrations and improve the transfer of ink on the various substrates.

Finito® Circle does not forget the appearance of time, an increasingly important element in daily production, thanks to its structure the product is much more resistant than conventional products of undercoating, thus reducing downtime.

Finito® Circle for its nature can be considered a product from Circular Economy.

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