Print is a tough business but it has nothing on catering, I know because my wife owns a catering business which works mostly in the photographic stills and film industry. A 3:30am alarm is common in my house, its what it takes to serve breakfast on location in Langebaan at 7am with everything including the kitchen sink. Early mornings, late evenings and great rewards when the fundamentals are done right, when things go wrong the costs run out of control and when its all said and done those 3Am wake calls did nothing but keep the lights on and the doors open.
Getting the fundamentals right in offset printing involves controlling the variables of pressure and water.  

Today we’ll look at Pressure.
Too much pressure and you are burning money, literally with increased friction and heat generation.
Unless digital measurements are being taken when setting roller pressure, chances are they are set with too much pressure.
Setting rollers digitally is the optimal method to ensure that operational efficiency is not compromised by getting the fundamentals of offset printing wrong
Take a look at this 2:30 minute video on how to hack the pressure on your press, making you money and saving you time.


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