Water and pressure variables are a main cause of quality inconsistencies. This translates to downtime and costly lost production hours. Quality consumables and modern technology like digital roller nip setting and fountain solution recycling aid in eliminating the variables in the offset process.

Fountain solution recycling during the printing process, so fount remains as fresh after 3 weeks or 10 weeks or 3 months as was on the day you started up with fresh fount. Fountain solution becomes contaminated with spray powder, ink, blanket wash and paper dust making it less effective at keeping non image areas clean, it also becomes more difficult to hold colour on repeat jobs. Spot colours are costly, when water is consistent CMYK can do the job just fine.

Selecting Fogra or ISEGA listed consumables means you can rest assured that you are doing your part to ensure a sustainable industry. It’s not acceptable to pollute unnecessarily. The hidden benefit is overlooked, these products are better researched and developed and so as well as being safer for the printer to use they deliver a lower cost.

Blanket CylindeR

Stability of the printing surface is variable according to the quality of blanket material being used, stability is optimal when the blanket packing and the blanket become one. Finito and Finito No-Stop present innovation that improve print quality and reduce costs.

Transfer Cylinder

Application specific anti-marking solutions, we stock glass bead film, nets, jackets

Impression Cylinder

Robust LMC (liquid metal coated) perfecting jackets.


Low dust powders, food safe that prevent the ongoing need to clean up around the delivery.


Folding Caron
Case Making