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Riding the Winter Wave

Eliminating the variable factors in the offset printing process will dramatically boost profitability if you take control of them. The modern offset press continues to evolve from one Drupa to the next, delivering improved levels of control and production efficiency, but unless the variable factors like the contamination of the fountain solution and the pressures … Continue reading Riding the Winter Wave


FOGRA – Materials and Environment In the Federal Republic of Germany there are more than a hundred industries whose medium sized member companies have banded together to form associations for joint industrial research. The umbrella organisation for these research organisations is the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AIF) of which Fogra is a founding member.It is … Continue reading Fogra

Standards Matter

We often find printers closing off when we talk about standards and certification.It seems that there is a perception that consumables and additives that carry certification and adhere to certain standards with regards to the environment, will cost the printing house more a thereby reducing profitability. This is simply not true!Printing companies can and should … Continue reading Standards Matter