Capital Equipment

Hot Foil, Cold foil and cast ‘n cure

Eagle Systems are the world leader in the manufacture of retrofit print enhancement technologies for both hot foil and cold foil applications. Today cold foil has overtaken hot foil in sales on the world market and Eagle Systems lead the way with the only fully automatic cold foil module available.

Cold Foil is applied in-line in register and runs at press speeds. Disruptive technology at its finest!

Smart Products, e-govt (electronic passsport holder pages, national ID cards), bank cards, smart tickets, smart labels

Melzer have lead the world in building machines to produce complex products in single pass for more than 70 years, today they are the undisputed leader in the supply of machines to governments to produce passports and national ID Cards. Integrity of the finished product is guaranteed with inline bad card marking  and also the elimination of defective transponders from a transponder reel before being incorporated into a label or ticket. Melzer also build machines to produce RFID inlays with chip for plastic cards or passports.

FOLD CARton, uv coating, DIE CUTING, EMBOSSING and foiling

Kluge is a name synonymous with quality. Our continuous forms printers know the name well as there are many Kluge offset presses still running after 40 years of service in our market in South Africa. Our partners are Kluge International with an extensive parts and service centre based a short hop away in the UK.