I recently started swimming to accelerate weight loss. I’ve come to the conclusion that most ailments experienced as a fat bastard can be overcome by losing the weight. I’m 46 now and through inconsistent training and exercise over the years, water polo, body building, Kung-Fu, training with a personal trainer for years on end, I still managed to accumulate an average of 2Kg a year for the past 15 years I’ve lived in Cape Town. That’s 60 blocks of butter!!  Granted, the past two years have made things much worse, hardly any exercise, I hardly recognised myself in a CCTV monitor in the local fish shop, so when my wife became prediabetic again I joined her in pursuit of optimal health.
We had COVID in December and started a very carb restricted diet thereafter, cutting out bread has been a massive win and spinach bread is actually a great substitute, this with intermittent fasting shed about 12Kg in 3 months, I was ready to hit the pool.
After 1 length I felt good but very quickly every fibre in my body burned with exhaustion, I got to the end of the second length and was gasping for breath, took some time to catch it and carried on until exhaustion came over me, I lost my rhythm and choked and stood up. Fortunately the pool was shallow otherwise someone may have had to rescue me, fortunately too that muscle memory saved me and I was able to push out 500m before retiring from the squad with a headache from exertion.
How did I let things get this bad, I thought at the time but good news is continual improvement is available to all of us and even printing presses! A few weeks later, its better, feeling good!
We’re concerned with controlling variables in the press, keeping the variables in the optimal window for best Quality and Efficiency. If you are not delivering quality and doing it efficiently, your time here is limited.
We’ve already looked at controlling the pressure variable with under blankets – blankets and digital measurements.
We need to pay attention to water.

Fountain Solution is key to extending the time between having to stop and wash blankets, ensuring the non-image areas are clean and consistent. Dyna manufactured by PCO PRINTING CHEMICALS, is the brand to trust for fountain solution that keeps pace with changing environments, water quality between summer and winter, paper, ink, calcium build up on rollers etc.

Fountain Solution Recycling, is a GREEN solution to the problem of  many thousands of LT’s of dirty press water being mostly discharged down the drain! It has an ROI of less than 1 year and thereafter pays back. Who knew going GREEN could also be profitable!
Other benefits include:
Faster start up
Reduced need for spot colours
Reduced paper waste
Eliminates colour variation on repeat jobs
No need to discharge waste down the drain or pay to have it hauled away Fountain Solution Recycling is more than a NICE TO HAVE BUT….its fundamental
If you would like to know more about this please email us or call us.

Bernice Parkin – 079 359 2407
Razania Asaro – 082 609 8300
Brett Leppington – 061 587 0077
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